Supply Paper Co - made by hand

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Our humble offerings are a homage to craftsmanship—everyday things that are simple, considered and often made by hand. We curate paper, supplies and packaging for makers, artists and thoughtful types who believe in buying less, but better.

Luisa Brimble, lifestyle photographer

— luisabrimble.com

Luisa Brimble is a food and lifestyle photographer based in Sydney. Luisa's unique photography style, bringing warmth and sincerity to her subjects, has been featured in a variety of print and online publications including Kinfolk, Frankie, Cereal, The Simple Things Magazine (UK), Broadsheet and The Design Files. In 2013, Luisa collaborated with Arthur Street Kitchen. The book was a sell - out and was subsequently published by Plum/Pan MacMillan, Australia 2014. Luisa is currently in the process of photographing two more books, due for release mid 2015, along with launching Alphabet Family Journal.  

John Mangila, food stylist

— johnmangila.com.au

John Mangila’s elegant work as a stylist, visual merchandiser and decorator illustrates his soulful respect of all things beautiful. Initially trained as a florist, his creativity & passion are always evolving. He contributes regularly to Home Beautiful and The Quintessential Magazine and continues to collaborate with exciting and creative businesses.

Millet Studio, digital design

— milletstudio.co

Millet is a small web design and development studio with a penchant for detail. Our mission is to craft intuitive, aesthetic experiences designed to bring our clients' stories to life. Whether you're just starting out with a new enterprise, product or idea, or you've been in business for a while, we'd love to hear from you.

Shelf / life, homewares & lifestyle store


Shelf lifeis based on the concept of good design, where aesthetics, function and sustainability are integral to product. Directed by years of experience in interior design, we curate our range to showcase products that are simple, timeless and functional. We believe in quality, impeccable workmanship and ethical awareness.