The Floury Baker

Indian fish curry


The Floury Baker

Indian fish curry


This is a wonderful and tasty fish curry full of Indian spice - tempered mustard seeds and fragrant curry leaves.

All you need to do is simply reheat the curry and add your FRESH fish fillets. 

Our fish is always FRESH, not frozen. Sourced on the day of delivery. Sustainably caught.

This is a great meal to have on hand be it for yourself or even home entertaining.

  • Reheat your curry base.
  • Add your fish fillets
  • Squeeze a little fresh lime juice. 
  • Dinner is served

To be cooked according to package instructions.

Dietary remarks: *gluten free 

Cooking time: 4 - 6 minutes

Portion size: 2 x 120gm fresh white fish fillets 

Serves: 2

Package: cryovac, fresh

Suggested accompaniments: steamed Jasmine rice, wilted Asian greens, Asian slaw salad

Note: gluten free only refers to flour based products. Best eaten the day of delivery